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One of the great advances which has made agriculture more efficient and productive is precision seeding.
This is true for both large scale farming and much smaller scale, intensive market gardening.

The Korean company Jang Automation led by it's brilliant and charismatic President Mr Jang
has designed and is producing a family of seeders which are more precise
than anything which has been available before.

Gundaroo Tiller is happy to offer you a good selection of the seeders that Jamg make from the single row model
through three row, six row and onto models which work when attached to the tool bars of tractors.

Because every grower has different requirements we give you the option of buying rolles separately.
for every six rollers you buy you get one Free.

(Rollers are not included - $30 each}

Single Row Hand Pushed JP-1
$830 (plus $60 Postage)


This is the best single row precision seeder that we have ever used.

The depth of seed can be controlled by adjusting the hight of the furrower, The seed is delivered out of a seed hopper using one of a number of different rollers with different sized holes and hole spacings. The hopper is transparent so that you can view how much seed is left. The lid of the hopper has numbered indents that can be used for determining seed size. A small blade covers the seed and the back wheel presses the soil down over the seeds.

Three Row Hand Pushed JP-3
$1895 (plus $85 Postage)


Plant three rows at a time with the JP-3 seeder.

Six Row Hand Pushed JP-6
with 6 Rollers
$3500 (plus Postage)


Or six rows at a time - a whole bed.

Single Row Tractor Mounted JPH-U
$1400 (plus Postage)


The same seeder can be attached to a tool bar behind a tractor.

Gearing for Accurate Seed Spacing

The Jang AP-1 - seed wheel axle is driven by a chain so the action is very positive.

Jang seeder chain drive

The unit comes complete with a set of gear wheels with between 9 and 14 teeth and that are easily interchanged. The gear wheels, combined with the different seed wheels, enables seed spacings from as close as half an inch up to 20 inches.

Jang seeder sprockets]

Seed Rollers

The Jang Seeder has more than 40 Seed Rollers - to choose from. We keep a lot of seed wheels in stock and can organise reasonably quick delivery of any of the other seed wheels

Jang seeder seed wheels

Not only do the wheels come with different size and depth indents, they also come with a small numer of indents per wheel (3) up to a large number of indents per wheel (24). It is the right combination of indents per roller and front and rear drive cogs that allows accrurate seed spacings in the row,

The table below shows gives you the seed delivery spacing in inches for the front and rear drive chain gears combined with the number of indents on the seed roller that you are using.

Jang seeder table of geer wheels to seed roller indents

So if you have a roller with 6 holes and you want a seed spacing of 8 inches you would choose a back wheel drive sprocket with 13 teeth and a front wheel drive sprocket with 10 teeth

If a closer spacing was needed then you would choose a roller with the same sized indents but with 12 or 24 holes on the roller.

Sometimes it is not possible to decide what roller will actually work in your situation without trying it out. As farmers who use this seeder we are offering a roller exchange program. For the cost of postage and a $10 handling fee we are happy to accept undamaged, clean rollers and exchange them for another roller in the collection.

Tips to Make Choosing Rollers Easier

1. The Roller Letters refer to the size of the holes:

Blank - no holes
YYX - 2 mm
YX - 2.5 mm
YYJ - 2.5 mm - Deep Hole
YJ - 3 mm
Y - 3.5 mm
X - 4 mm
XL double drilled hole for Parsnips
XY cross shaped hole for lettuces
M - 5 mm
F - 5.5 mm
MM - 6 mm
MJ - 6 mm- Deep Hole
L 6. - 5 mm
LJ - 7 mm
Q - 8 mm
R - 9 mm
J - a D shaped hole for Cucumbers
G - 9.5 mm
B - 10 mm
C - 11 mm
AA - 12 mm
A - 13 mm

2. The number represents the number of holes in the roller (which determines plant spacing down the row)
The exact spacing is achieved by choosing the correct sprockets for the drive chain (see table above)

2 holes used for plant spacing of 11 - 24 inches
4 holes used for plant spacing of 6 - 14 inches
6 holes used for plant spacing of 4 - 10 inches
12 holes used for plant spacing of 1 - 5 inches
24 holes used for plant spacing of 0.5 - 2.5 inches

3. The Six Most Popular Jang Seed Rollers

F-12 (Spinach at 50 mm-125 mm apart)
LJ-12 (Large Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard at 50-125 mm apart) 
MJ-12 (Beets, Pelleted Carrots, Cilantro, Coated Lettuce, Coated Onion, Sorghum, and Baby Swiss Chard at 50-125 mm apart)
X-24 (Carrots,  Leeks, Mesculin, Onion, Radish, and Scallion at 13 mm - 63 mm apart)
YYJ-12 (Arugula, Basil, Broccoli, Kale, Parsley, and Turnip at 50 mm-125 mmapart)
A-6 (Small Beans, Corn at 100 mm-250 mm apart)

We are pleased to offer a Single Row Jang Seeder plus any six rollers for a discount price.

Type             No  
Jang Seeders

We keep the following rollers in stock, please contact us if you require a roller that is not listed
Type             No  
Rollers with a seeder (free postage)

Type             No  
Rollers on their own

Roller Exchange

Please contact us if you want to exchange a roller.


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