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Garden Clips are now available to hold down row covers which we place over polypipe hoops in order to construct small cloches.
Depending on which row cover is being used it is possible to construct small shade houses, pest barriers or warming green houses both cheaply and quickly.
Close Up of sand bags

Pipe Frame

We recommend black, agriculture grade, 3/4" polypipe (not the low density polypipe commonly available from garden and irrigation supply places).
Cut the pipe to a length that suits the cover you are using.
We find that it is best to cut lengths of rebar (deformed bar), hammer them part way into the ground and then slip the hoops over the top of the bar. This keeps the sides of the hoop houses vertical, allowing maximum growing space, it also stabilizes the hoop houses.

COVERS can be made from a number of different materials

Floating Row Covers/Frost Cloth

SORRY - FROST CLOTH IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - all the manufactures are now making face masks

- for a small amount of frost protection and some greenhouse effect in the autumn and spring. We are now stocking a new horticultural floating row cover also know as a fleece or frost cloth. Frost cloth is made from spun bonded polyester. It is opaque but has good light transmitting qualities and is water permeable. It is a superior product to the old GEO20 that we used to sell. Frost Cloth will also keep rabbits, insects and birds off your crops and comes in a few different sizes.

2metre x 100metre rolls are available for commercial growers but they are only 30gsm and we have to send them by courier

Vege Net - *NEW we trialled this product last summer and love it. It is like a very tightly woven extremely light shade cloth and as well as protecting the plants from everything from fruit flies to rabbits it also provides wind and heat protection.

Shade Cloth - for protection of seedlings and tender leafy crops in summer.WE DO NOT STOCK THIS It is available from hardware stores and in larger roles from Shade Australia

UV Stabilized greenhouse plastic - for frost protection in the colder months WE DO NOT STOCK THIS A good place to get it from is Silverwood Nursery Supplies

A garden  clip shade house

The photo above shows how to use Garden Clips to construct a shade cloth clip cloche over newly planted out seedlings

Floating Row Cover On

Frost Cloth in use over cabbages

Floating Row Cover Off

Frost Cloth is water permeable
and can be easily removed for weeding
and picking

Vege Net *NEW
There are two main differences between Frost Cloth and Vege Net
      Vege Net is much more durable than Frost Cloth
      Frost Cloth provides frost protection Vege Net does not

Large Vege Net

The large Vege Net will cover a family vegetable patch and give you protection against most of the bugs, birds and wildlife that drive you crazy.

Vege Net Close up with Garden Clip Cabbage Close Up

There is nothing better than a cabbage, that has never been sprayed, without a single hole in any of the leaves.

No of Packs 
Pack of 10 Garden Clips - $20 + postage ($8)   

Vege Net                                                                   No          



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