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Electric Net Fencing

An Allsun Farm paddock simply isn't complete without the addition of our Electric Netting Fences. Used daily to keep our laying hens and pigs happy and grazing on pasture - all whilst protecting them from dogs, foxes and other four-legged predators. 

This light weight, easy to use and ready to assemble fencing is of such a quality that we don't believe it to be comparable to any other brands or designs currently offered for sale within the Australian market. 

POULTRYNET is constructed with the verticals 80mm apart giving it smaller mesh size than similar fencing brands. Poultrynet is the preferred electric netting fence for all poultry. 

GARDEN NET is constructed with identical verticals to POULTRY NET but is only 0.7 metres in height. We use this lower, net around our vegetable garden when we have problems with rabbits. Our to pasture graze our pigs.  It is easy to move, we can step over it without having to turn the energiser off and it is imperative for keeping rabbits and dogs off the beds. A Garden Net would also be a suitable option for those wishing to contain ducks.