Allsun Farm Spring 2005

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Garlic Bulb and cloves
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Allsun Farm Spring 2005

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ALLSUN FARM GARLIC - sold out for 2018

In Australia garlic is planted in late autumn and harvested sometime in November.

Properly cured and stored it will be at its best for eating from harvest through to the following April or May. By early winter the cloves get ready to grow and form a small green shoot at their centre. This shoot can have a bitter taste so it is best to remove it before cooking the garlic.

Australia produces only a fraction of its garlic needs so at this time of the year it is hard to find good quality Australian grown garlic. 'Allsun Farm' is now able to sell a limited quantity of high quality, organically produced bulbs suitable for planting this season.

It is always best to plant the biggest cloves from the biggest bulbs so get in early because we will sell the biggest garlic bulbs first. Divide up your bulbs into individual cloves and plant the big ones, right way up into well drained fertile soil. Do not overfeed over winter and make sure that you water well in the spring.

All our garlic varieties are full flavoured - punget and garlicy!

The best way to store garlic is to hang in up in a cool, dry place out of the sun - a braid makes this easy and is also decorative.

There are a couple of months in the middle of winter when garlic should not be an ingredient in your cooking, however, if you have garlic in your garden you can start picking the green shoots in late winter. We always sow a bed or two of closely spaced small garlic cloves that would normally be discarded at planting time. The green shoots make a welcome treat in early spring and can be stir fried, added to slow cooked dishes or eaten raw in salads.

In many parts of Australia the best time to plant garlic is early April. However it can be put in the ground as late as mid June. Later plantings do not allow for maximum vegetative growth before bulbing so unless your area is specifically suited for late planting get your garlic in the ground as early as possible.

* State Quarantine restrictions prohibit us from sending garlic to
  Western Australia, South Australia or Tasmania.

The Early Hard Stemmed Red Garlic Plenty Available

Hard Stemmed red garlic

Mellow, complex flavored, easy to peal, garlic with very few small cloves in the centre of the bulbs. An all-round pleaser in the kitchen! Purple striped on the outside of the bulbs, pale purple skin on individual cloves. The hard stem makes it unsuitable for braiding. This garlic will sprout very soon after planting but does not have the keeping qualities of the later variety.

All you need is 1.5 square metres of garden bed
full instructions are included.
Easy to grow, fabulous to cook - ENJOY!

the garlic year

Michael Plane
& Joyce Wilkie
Allsun farm
Gundaroo NSW 2620
ph 02 6236 8173

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