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Crop Supports


Supporting your crops vertically off the ground improves plant vigour, makes maintenance easier and increases your yield. 

Trellis clips, twine, and hook tools can be used in combination to support climbing and vining crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and beans. 


We are always moving crops around in the ALLSUN FARM garden so our trellises have tobe strong but easily moved and as portable as possible.


 FOR OUTSIDE GROWING where wind can create problems we suggest using a really strong trellis. Our tried and tested favourite is the use of weld mesh tied securely to star pickets. This creates a small vertical growing area and when placed in a secure north facing area, creates a sturdy wall that when used with Trellising clips offers a quick an easy way to secure your crops. 


FOR GROWING WITHIN A GREENHOUSE OR POLYTUNNEL we believe the best way to support climbing plants is with a vertical string. Our Tomato Hooks are the perfect addition to these areas and make the job really simple.  Professional tomato growers can also use this type of string and stringing technique to easily lower the plants as the season progresses.


  • Tomato Hooks (with string) - pack of 10

    In large, high tunnels farmers are always looking to increase efficiency and decrease costs. These light weight, bent steel hooks really reduce the work involved in stringing vine crops at the start of the season, lowering...

  • Our current stock of clips are brown and larger that the older white ones.

    These nifty little plastic clips can be used for all vine crops in polytunnel, green houses and also on trellises used outside. The clever bit is that you place the support string in the hinge of the clip and when you close...