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Wheel Hoes




Glaser Wheel Hoes are a wonderful product of German design and Swiss Engineering.

A wheel hoe is a highly efficient, ergonomically sound complete cultivation and weeding system.  It comes standard with a 225 mm Oscillating Stirrup hoe but there are a number of other attachments that can also be purchased. They can all be bolted onto the chassis to suit the job at hand. 


This is a highly accurate, simple to use tool that is a must for larger production gardens and market gardens.











  • Wheel Hoe Goosefoot Arrow Hoe

    A Goosefoot Hoe is designed to weed larger leafy plants. The blades are attached in the middle making it possible to run the wheel down the row next to the plants with the blade travelling underneath the outer leaves. This...

  • Wheel Hoe 3 Tined Cultivator

    3-Tine Cultivator: This Eliot Coleman design features curved tines with flattened tips to effectively break up crusted and compacted soils quickly. It is also very helpful for weed management, as well as for...

  • Wheel Hoe Hiller/Furrower

    HILLER FURROWER, Also known as a “ridger” or a “furrower,” is a V-shaped plow used to create deep furrows for planting or ridges for hilling potatoes, leeks, onions, beans, and peas. Available for...