Allsun Farm Spring 2005

"If we sell it we use it on the farm ourselves"

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Allsun Farm Spring 2005
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Gundaroo Tiller is the farm based tool, equipment & information supply business for:

   • home gardeners
   • small scale vegetable farmers
   • herb and cut flower growers
   • free-range poultry keepers
   • graziers
   • garden maintenance contractors

Gundaroo Tiller caters for people who need the best quality tools and equipment and are seeking information on gardening and small scale farming. Our modern ergonomically sound and environmentally friendly, professional standard, tools are derived from old classic European, Asian, American and Australian implements. No flimsy gimmicks. This small line of 'hard to find' implements and technologically superior equipment is available by mail order or direct from us at selected field days around Australia.

All the latest photos of Allsun Farm are posted on Instagram


LATEST NEWS - updated 5 August, 2020

Unprecedented Demand For Gardening Tools

International Air Freight Problems
We are currently unable to get Soil Blockers or the Swiss Made hoes. To avoid frustration and disappointment we have temporarily removed them from our shopping cart. We apologise for any inconvenience and encourage every gardener to grow as much food as possible no matter what you have to use to do it.
Stay Safe
Stay well - the Gundaroo Tiller Team

New Phone Numbers

Jess is now in the office looking after orders
0473 566 648
Joyce can be contacted on her mobile phone
0427 623 681
We both live on farms and phone reception is not always good. Your best option is to send a text. Make sure you start your message with your full name.

Winter Break is Over

Deep Winter Agrarian Gathering 2019
Thank you to all the organisers - what a wonderful 3 days

We came home to a flood of orders for Oscillating Stirrup Hoes
Sorry everyone we are now sold out but there are more on order.

Look forward to our NEW improved website soon


All our prices are GST INCLUSIVE.
The price that is listed is what you will actually be paying. No nasty surprises at the check out!

Electric Net Fencing Availability

New shipment of nets has just arrived.


No Garlic available this year (2019)
We apologise but we had a crop failure due to lack of water at the critical stage late winter

Mini & Scraper Homis

Homi Bundle Now Available
Buy a Mini and a Scraper and SAVE
$52 (including postage)

Homis make great gifts - treat your gardening friends!
The mini and the scraper are a great combination for all gardeners and we are offering a good discount on these two versatile models when bought together.

Type             No  

Planting Calendar for Temperate Australia

Time to get planning for next season. Here on the farm we are printing out new garden layout charts and next seasons planting calendar as well as collecting together seed catalogues and doing a stocktake of all the seed we have in hand.

So that you can get on with planning next years kitchen garden here is the planting calendar that we have developed at Allsun Farm. It was originally in the form of a wall calendar but over the years we have realised that printing it out on monthly cards which can be put in your pocket it a better idea.

We make notes on the cards and print a new set out every year so the cards double as both a diary and a calendar.

CLICK HERE to download the cards as a prinable PDF file.



A KAMA is the latest addition to the hand tools we use in the Allsun Farm gardens. It is a lightweight, sharp, serrated, Asian, garden sickle that is perfect for small tidying up jobs. It has even been used for converting a green manure to a mulch in the kitchen garden behind our house.

Electric Net Fencing

All our fences have alternating positive and negative horizontal wires -maximising capability for stock protection and control. The vertical spacers are semi rigid not soft and 14 fiberglass posts are include.

ENERGISERS please note that we DON"T sell them. However we do have a lot of experience with them and we do know what works and in some cases what really DOESN'T work.

We really like helping our customers to make informed and cost effective decisions and the great range of energisers on the market makes it very confusing. Like almost all electronic gear you get what you pay for and if it's cheap it's unlikely to work well, even in the short term. Our first recommendation is that you look at an energiser company that has a good web site with a full set of specifications which gives you information which will help you to match the energiser to the numbers of nets you will be using. Things like the peak joule output, size of battery and solar panel you will need to turn your mesh fence into a pain filled barriers that will keep stock in and predators out. An energiser which will run your fence at high voltage but low amps, painful but not lethal.

DAKEN is an example of an Australian company that meets all these criteria and our experience tells us that their equipment is first class. We are happy to share our experience about other brands but can't engage in lengthy discussions.

Vegetables befor packing

Electric Netting Fence - you get what you pay for!
Don't be mislead or confused

We have just come across some confused, misleading and inaccurate information put about in a thinly disguised attempt to portray themselves as Good Guys. A passive/ aggressive campaign has been mounted on most of the sellers of electric mesh fencing." Oh no" we can hear them protest, our motives are altruistic but the motivation is transparently commercial.

Were it not a thinly veiled marketing exercise why would their information be so inaccurate, unverified and misleading. Cyber bullying by social media comes to mind and the best way to deal with bullies is to call them.

To Clarify

Allsun Farm and Gundaroo Tiller.

Allsun Farm is a small vertically integrated mixed family farm which uses stacking of plants and animals as a method of improving land and we are striving to leave it better than we found it. When we started farming here we quickly realised that if we were going to work smarter rather than hard we would need tools and equipment that were not available.

Gundaroo Tiller grew from our need for broad forks into the business it is today with our motto 'If we sell it we use it on the farm ourselves'

Additionally our customers can always and freely talk to us and get first hand advice. Gundaroo Tiller is about growing and expanding a small family farm community.

Given this you can imagine our surprise to read and here I quote:

Allsun - Masterfence (green/red and double spike) - $370/50m roll (including postage)
   - similar to Starternet ($85 more)
Allsun - Starternet (green/red and double spike) - $420/50m roll (including postage)
   - similar to Starternet ($135 more)
Allsun - Gardennet (green/red and double spike) - $330/50m roll (including postage)
   - similar to Garden net ($133 more)

This information was written by people who have never visited Allsun Farm nor purchased anything from Gundaroo Tiller.

Misleading as Allsun Farm sells vegetables and eggs not tools and equipment. Gundaroo Tiller sells electric net fencing and has since we added pastured poultry to Allsun Farm's vegetable operation in 1990. We did our homework looked for the best nets for Australian conditions and shared our knowledge and experience with anyone who asked.

Inaccurate, the phrase 'similar to Starternet' is applied to both Masterfence and Starternet. This is simply false and is like comparing Oranges with Lemons. We will be glad to detail the dissimilarities with any who would like to inquire. The dissimilarity between our Garden Net and Garden net is even more startling. What is the motivation of people who put about product comparisons, without bothering to check the facts or contact the people whose product they are misrepresenting?

The following quotes sum it up.

'Putting people down is the equivalent of an illuminated LED sign reading "VIOLENTLY INSECURE" floating behind you in a helium filled thought bubble. To put others down in an attempt to gain attention, validation, or happiness shows how jealous you are of what they have. Even if you're not jealous of what they have, you show that you're unhappy with what you have when you intentionally offend them. How you treat others is a direct extension of how you feel about yourself, and when you try to make someone else feel bad or embarrassed of who they are, it's deplorable. A happy, secure person wants to share their light.'

Maddison Jensen

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

- Buddha

Celebrating Contrarians

Fields of Farmers cover

We all stand on the shoulders of the contrarians who have inspired us, George Henderson, Scott Nearing, Eliot Coleman, Gene Logsdon and of course Joel Salatin. These contrarians have made their own stories and they have encouraged us who follow in their footsteps and make our own stories.

One of the great things about being contrarian farmers is the joy of working on your own land in your own way and not being bound by any prescriptive rules.

One of the best example of a non prescriptive farmer we know is Joel Salatin. He and his family work their farm their way and are happy to lead the way for more and more people to adopt some of their well proven system but always fitting them to their own land and their own circumstances. The Polyface Way is not a dogma but a wonderful set of guide lines.

Joel's new book FIELDS OF FARMERS ; Interning, Mentoring, Partnering, Germinating
was released last weekend a little earlier than expected and we are all looking forward to reading it and adapting some of it's ideas and melding them with our 'Growing the Growers' Project. Have a look at our interview with Joel and son Daniel filmed in 2010 at Polyface Farm.

Walking Tractors

Terry Evans from Vin Rowe showed us the full range of walking 2-wheel tractors and the various implements that can be attached at a well attended and successful workshop in Victoria.
Visit the Vin Rowe website

Our 2-wheel walkbehind tractor is always in use and it looks like this summer we will have a little bed former worked out to go behind the reciprocating spader. The next 'must have' is a flail mower - what a machine!

Walk behind 2-wheel tractor

Postage Changes

We have always been testing the limit of Australia Post's parcel service with our large items. We now use a TollIPEC for over sized items.

Electric Net Fencing.
We can still use Australia Post for the 0.7 metre high garden nets. Masterfence and Starternet will now be shipped by TollIPEC. When you are ordering please make sure that you do not use a post office box as a delivery address and include any special instructrions for the drivers.

Long Wooden Handles
- we can no longer supply these except in bundles of 5 sent by courier The good news is that Krugers is now supplying the big hardware chains (Bunnings, Magnet Mart, Mitre 10 ....) with tapered rake handles that fit all our long handled tools.

Broadfork Orders

Wade Neumann in Mundulla, South Australia is continuing to make broadforks. You can contact him by phone 0458 184 535 or email : You can also order broadforks online now using our website - the order will go directly to Wade. Payments can be made using both mastercard and visa as usual but he uses the paypal interface to transfer your payment into his account.

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