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Getting the Most From A Wheel Hoe

The wheel hoes at Allsun Farm get a work out on a daily basis. They are a 'must have' for larger gardens and small, intensive, diverse market gardens.

Remember when you purchase a Wheel Hoe you are buying a whole cultivation system.

  • Cultivation - fitted with a 3-tined cultivator  a wheel hoe is a fast and effective way to mix in soil ammendments or break up crusted topsoil
  • Weeding - there is a range of oscillating stirrup hoes make sure you choose the size that is appropriate for your row spacing. If you need to do a late hoeing of leafy plants like lettuces or brassicas then try using one of the Goosefoot Hoes. Unlike the Oscillating Stirrup Hoes which are designed to get as close to the plant stem as possible the Goosefoot Hoes have a wide flat blade that can run underneath the leaf canopy.
  • Hilling/furrowing - one tool does both jobs so it can be used as a furrower in preparation for planting a row of peas then when they germinate a pass on each side of the row will hill the plants nicely. We have clay soils and make our beds by hand. A run backwards and then forwards again with the furrower gives us the makings of our paths. We do a finish with a long handled shovel.