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Long Handled Hoes

homilongl200x354.jpgWhy work on your hands and knees when you can stand up to weed and cultivate.

There are a huge number of long handled tools available.

frenchhoeinuse200x304.jpgOver the years we have tried and tested a lot of hoes in the Allsun Farm vegetable gardens and have decided that light, sharp hoes used regularly are the way to stay on top of weeds.

Breaking your back and your love of growing with a heavy chipping hoe is unnecessary. Choose the right hoe for you, look after it, keep it sharp and get out there and shave those weeds when they are small and vulnerable and before they've pulled out lots of nutrients that your crop needs to use in order to grow and flourish. 

All long handled hoes need to be tailored to the individual user. The ideal length of handle is one that brings the total tool length to between the nose and the mouth with both the tool and the user standing upright.

If it's too long don't be afraid to cut off any extra after all it's just extra weight you have to carry around.

We are able to send you tapered handles but to ensure safe transport you need to order at least two.

We have to send all handles by courier so you need to supply us with a street address not a PO Box in order for us to deliver them safely to your door. Freight is high on handles - they should be available from your local hardware stores.

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