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Opinel Knives

Classic French knives in a range of sizes suitable for any hand size. Every gardener needs one in their pocket.

Blade Lengths

No 7 8 cm
No 8 8.5 cm
No 9 9 cm
No 10 10 cm
No 12 12 cm

Blades Types

  • Stainless Steel - contains greater than 10.5% Chromium. The high Chromium content gives stainless steel its shiny, corrosion resistant property essential in commercial kitchens. In general stainless blades are softer and more flexible than carbon steel blades. They absorb impacts more effectively without breaking and chipping but are harder to sharpen and loose their edge quicker than their carbon steel equivalents.
  • Carbon Steel -  contains less than 10.5% Chromium and is both harder and finer grained than stainless steel. Carbon steel knives tend to be easier to sharpen and hold their edge longer than stainless knives.  However they need maintenance because they rust and stain when wet or exposed to acidic fruits and vegetables. Develop a protective 'patina' as soon as you can by rubbing them with instant coffee, vinegar or potatoes. After that wash and dry them then lightly oil them with food-grade mineral oil.
  • Ultimately the choice is up to you but knives are tools and like all hand tools they have their individual stories.
    My favourite is carbon steel, so much character, such an old friend.
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