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Oscillating Stirrup Hoes

Oscillating Stirrup Hoes work by cutting the tops of weeds off just below the surface of the ground. The blade cuts equally well on both the forward and back stroke. This hoe can be used two ways, the hoe handle can be held with either both thumbs up or for a stronger action, needed for larger weeds, turn both thumbs down. Stirrup hoes are sturdy and sharp and are used with a push-pull motion which cuts on both the forward and backward stroke using short, quick. shallow strokes just below the surface of the soil.
They come in three different widths to accommodate different row widths. (170 mm, 125 mm, and 85 mm) 

Oscillating Stirrup Hoe Heads

The rounded corners of the blades make them forgiving if one is a somewhat careless weeder and there is no need to sharpen these spring steel blades the backward and forward action serves to sharpen the blade as you work. 

Commercial growers who use these hoes daily find that a blade will last about 12 months 
- we carry a full range of replacement blades.
- handles can be ordered separately