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Collinear Hoes

Our "Gung Hoe" or Collinear Hoe is an Eliot Coleman designed light cultivating hoe.
It is our personal favourite, indeed it's the best cultivating hoe we have ever tried. 

It is a draw hoe not a chopping hoe. A razor not an axe.

To be effective it needs to be used almost before the weeds appear. It is ideal for getting out the small weeds whcih are still at white root stage.
Hold the handle with both thumbs up (as in the picture) and draw it towards you in short, quick, shallow strokes keeping the blade just below the surface of the soil being careful not to cover the weeds you have just cut off. 

The larger (175mm) model with a replaceable blade gets a lot of work out at Allsun Farm. It is used with the bevel on the blade facing up and sharpen it often with a fine cut file.
The smaller model is used for precision work in tightly spaced crops like salad greens and garlic.

Eliot Coleman has had a longstanding relationship with Johnny's Selected Seeds one of North America's stand out seed and tool companies. Watch this video that they produced to learn just how to get the most out of a collinear hoe.