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Tools For Home Gardeners


Many of our tools are particularly suitable for
home gardeners

  • Homi
    A must for every gardener. This all purpose Korean implement comes in 3 shapes as a hand tool or  as a kit to put on a long handle - to save your back.
    "Never lend them to your gardening friends". We use them every day.

  • Oscillating Stirrup Hoe
    A good all round, push-pull hoe that comes in 3 sizes

  • Trapezoid Hoe
    Excellent for heavier weeds that need to be lightly chipped.

  • Broadforks
    Manufacturing Broadforks was where Gundaroo Tiller started. These days you will have to contact Wade Neumann to buy one. They are used to dig over your garden without damaging your back.
    Made in Australia this is just the best, ergonomically sound, deep digging tool suitable for heavy clay soils and places with limited top soil. It penetrates easily allowing water and air into the soil without soil inversion.

  • Soil Blockers
    If you want to grow vigorous, healthy seedlings without using any plastic containers this is the tool for you. The soil cubes made with this tool have dimples ready made to take seeds and come time to transplant into the garden they are simply picked up and planted avoiding any kind of transplant shock. 

  • Protective Covers
    Healthy plants start with healthy soil, moist, open and full of all the nutrients needed for strong growth. Once planted they also benefit from  protection. There are a whole range of covers to keep them warm, keep them cool, keep insects off and most importantly protect them from wind. We stock quality frost cloth and vege nets. Other covers can be bought from garden shops and hardware stores. 

  • Garden Clips
    These are light plastic clips designed to hold protective covers onto hoops made of 3/4" (19mm) rural grade (green line) poly pipe.

  • Wide Bed Rake
    These light, wide, plastic rakes have tines on one side and a scraper on the other. The are a must for any gardener.

  • Shovel Rake
    Another useful rake with long, curved, springy tines. Use it for raking up leaves, scraping up manure and compost then flip it over to use as a shovel.