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Rakes and Row Markers

Final preparation of the soil prior to direct seeding or transplanting is done with a rake and our wide (700 mm) Wide Bed Rakes are perfect for the task at hand! They are extremely light, well made and useful for all sorts of other garden jobs.

Accurate planting into well prepared beds is not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely necessary for effortless weed control. In intensive, diverse, small scale market gardens straight and evenly spaced rows are efficient and profitable.  It is possible to mark up your beds by making tine extensions for the Wide Rake or alternatively the other option is to invest in a purpose built adjustable Row Marker


  • Wide Row Marker - HEAD ONLY

    This Swiss made, 750 mm wide, adjustable row-marker comes with 5 tines. A light tap with a hammer is all that is needed to both loosen and tighten the tines for easy setup. Maximum row spacing     700 mmMinimum...