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Long Handled Homis


The Homi can be used very effectively on a long handle.

We have both the standard head and the scraper head available. Both head shapes make versitile general purpose long handled hoes but the standard head is oerfect when we want to run a furrow for seeds like beans or corn, the scraper head makes a light weight chipping hoe.

The heads come in kit form with a ferrule to stop the wooden handle from splitting and also instructions for fitting the heads to wooden handles. Click here to see what is involved.

  • Long HoMi Head Kit - Scraper Head

    This symmetrical HoMi head is particularly suited to attaching to a long handle. making the following tasks possible in a standing position: light weeding hilling up soil around plants like peas, potatoes opening and...

  • Long HoMi Head Kit - Standard Head

    This Ancient Asian gardening tool can be attached to a long handle, which makes it particularly suitable for: opening and closing seed rows light weeding hilling up soil around plants like peas,...