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HO-MI $25.00 (standard short), $20 (small/mini short), $25 (short scraper),
$18.00 (long handled scraper or standard head kit)

Short Ho-Mi
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Homi Bundle
Buy a Mini with a larger Homi and SAVE
$55 (including postage)

Homis make great gifts - treat your gardening friends!
The mini and either the standard or the scraper are a great combination for all gardeners. We are offering a good discount on these two models when bought together.

Type             No  

  • an ancient Asian Cultivating Tool
  • hand forged with a wooden handle
  • can be used in the vegetable or flower garden to dig holes for planting and transplanting bulbs and seedlings, open and close rows for seed planting,loosen soil aroung plants, dig weeds and thin out plants
  • comes in three short models and one standard long handled version
  • due to numerous breakages in the post we no longer ship the long handled homi, however we do sell a long handled head kit with instructions for mounting on a standard broom handle. We find the scraper design works best on a long handle

Type             No  

Kama $18.00

Short Ho-Mi
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  • light-weight traditional Japanese Garden Sickle
  • 160 mm long sharp serrated carbon steel blade attached to a 210 mm wooden handle
  • used to clean up weeds in tight spots - corners, base of trees and around tap stand pipes
  • excellent for turning a green manure into a mulch
  • does any light clearing job

Type             No  

eBook on a USB stick - Growing Annual Vegetables   $30

NOTE* The demo version runs slowly compared to the full eBook on a USB stick

CD cover


Extract from Foreword by Peter Cundall

"Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane are Australian pioneers of organic growing using modern techniques. They do it because they have long recognised the need to grow things, especially food crops, without the use of poisons and harsh, disruptive chemical fertilisers. This makes them idealists, but not the unreal, starry-eyed idealists once so common during the early days of the organic growing movement. Joyce and Michael have learned things the hard way, by practical, down-to-earth experience, experimentation and years of hard work. They have learned how to manage, enrich and work difficult soils in a climate that fluctuates between a bitterly cold winter and a hot, extremely dry summer.

In this remarkable and valuable CD-ROM they go into great detail, by means of extensive photographs and graphics, to describe their methods of feeding the soil, the tools they use and how they have overcome major obstacles to achieve outstanding success in their large commercial, organic market garden. This is a perfect guide to action to anyone just starting to create their own organic garden, to any of the rapidly increasing community gardeners or to anyone wanting to set up community supported agriculture in most parts of Australia."

  • A photographic growing manual for growing vegetables
  • Suitable for home gardeners and small scale commercial growers
  • Foreword by Peter Cundall
  • Over 150 web pages covering all aspects of growing at Allsun Farm
  • More than 1000 pictures
  • Easy to follow navigation
  • Comprehensive A-Z index

eBook on USB stick

BROADFORKS These are now available from a talented young farmer in SA
- Wade Neumann
order them online via his website
Click here then scroll to the bottom to get to his Broadfork prices and buy now link


more Info

  • 2 sizes available 5 - tined (410 mm wide)
    7 - tined (685 mm wide)
  • a modern, ergonomically sound version of the Classic Dutch cultivation implement
  • used for fast, manual, non-inversion, cultivation of heavy soils
  • tills to a depth of 300 mm (1 foot) without destroying soil structure
  • handmade in Gundaroo from high grade materials
  • strong, rectangular welded steel frame
  • hardened steel tines (replacable)
  • comfortable turned hardwood handle

175mm blade replaceable $47.00 (head only)
100mm blade fixed $35 (head only)

Gung Hoe Head

more Info

  • a light cultivating hoe designed by Eliot Coleman- our personal favorite, indeed it's the best cultivating hoe we have ever tried
  • it is a draw hoe not a chopping hoe, a razor not an axe
  • ideal for getting out the small weeds which are still at white root stage
  • sharpen it often with a fine cut file
  • the small (100mm version) is ideal for close spaced crops like garlic

Type             No  
Gung Hoe

Type            No  
Replacement Blades

WIRE WEEDER $45.00 (head only)

Gung Hoe Head

more Info

  • another light cultivating hoe.
  • perfect for tightly spaced rows of carrot, beetroot, onions or garlic
  • ideal for getting out the small weeds which are still at white root stage

Type             No  
Wire Weeder

OSCILLATING STIRRUP HOES - three sizes available
Sorry -Temporarily Out of Stock. We can put them on back order
if you want to get one as soon as they arrive.

175 mm blade $62.00 (head only)
125 mm blade $59.00 (head only)
85 mm blade $54.00 (head only)

Oscillating Stirrup Hoes

more Info

  • sturdy and sharp and used with a push-pull motion which cuts, just below the surface of the soil, on both the forward and backward stroke
  • the rounded corners of the blades make them more forgiving than a Gung Hoe and allow them to cut deeper away from the stems of the plants that you are weeding
  • We carry a full range of replacement blades - commercial growers who use these hoes daily find that a blade will last about 12 months
Type             No  
Oscillating Stirrup Hoe

Type            No  
Replacement Blades

TRAPEZOIDAL HOES - 2 sizes available
175 mm blade $47.00 (head only)
130 mm blade $43.00 (head only)

Trapezoidal Hoes

more Info
  • a robust, sharp hoe fitted with a replaceable spring steel blade
  • an ideal tool for those who haven't got their timing right and are faced with larger sized weeds
  • goose neck shank allows them to be used as either a draw or chopping hoe
Type             No  
Trapezoid Hoe

Type            No  
Replacement Blades

LARGE 3 TINED CULTIVATOR $52.00 (head only)


more Info
  • A classic, curved tined implement
  • Designed for mixing compost or fertiliser into the top 100 mm of soil

Type             No  
3 Tined Cultivator

4 TINED CULTIVATOR/RAKE HOE $85.00 (head only)

Rake Hoe

more Info
A multipurpose cultivator
  • for mixing compost or fertiliser into the top 100mm of soil
  • lightly raking the surface prior to planting
  • moving mulch & plant debris into piles

Type             No  
Rake Hoe

SHOVEL RAKE $38.00 (head only)

Shovel Rake

more Info
Austalian made dual purpose tool
  • rake up leaves, weeds etc...
  • flip the tool over to shovel and lift your pile into the wheel barrow

Type             No  
Shovel Rake

$10 for 50 clips
$15 for 100 clips
$100 for 1000 clips

Shovel Rake

more Info
Handy little UV stabilized plastic clips for trellising tomatoes
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces stress on the tomato plants
  • Can be unclipped and reused

Type             No  
Tomato Clips

SOIL BLOCKERS - available for sale again
We really like soil blocker technology and use it extensively on our farm.

Micro Soil Blocker (makes 20 micro blocks) - $40
Mini4 Soil Blocker (makes 4 x 2 inch blocks) - $55
*SAVE* Purchase the micro 20 + Mini 4 + cubic insert bundle $95 +$20 postage
Mini5 Soil Blocker (makes 5 x 1.5 inch blocks) - $55
Multi12 Floor Blocker (makes 12 x 2 inch blocks) - $250
Multi20 Floor Blocker (makes 20 x 1.5 inch blocks) - $250
Multi6 Floor Blocker (makes 6 x 3 inch blocks) - $250
Cube Inserts (set of 4) - $6
Dowel Pins (set of 4) - $5
Seed Pins (set of 4) - $4

more Info
These steel soil formers are used for making cubes of potting mix complete with a dimple on top to take the seed
  • grow high quality seedlings
  • reduce transplant shock
  • eliminate the need for plastic pots

Type             No  
Soil Bocker

All blockers come with a full set of seeding pins
except for the Multi6 Floor blocker which is fitted with cubic inserts.
If you are adding extra pins to any other item choose the postage free option

Seed rollers - $37 each

more Info
This is the best single row precision seeder that we have ever used.
Several other models are also available:
3, & 6 row hand pushed seeders
Single row seeder for mounting behind a tractor

We do not have a big stock of seeders on hand but we do air freight them from Jang in Korea. So please anticipate a 2-3 week delivery time.
The biggest hurdle with these seeders is selecting seed rollers so on all models we offer 6 (usually the 6most popular rollers) for the price of 5. Talk to us if you are unsure about what rollers you need.
Type             No  
Jang Seeders

We keep the following rollers in stock, please contact us if you require a roller that is not listed
Type             No  
Rollers with a seeder (free postage)

Type             No  
Rollers on their own


more Info

Vibro Seeder - $129
increases speed and accuracy when you are hand seeding

Type             No  
Hand Seeder

GARDEN CLIPS Packs of 10 - $20

more Info
Small clips used for attaching crop row covers to 3/4 inch high density polypipe
  • Protect your plants from rain, wind and frost
  • Keep salad greens and young seedlings cool in the summer
  • Fasten on bird netting to save your plants and berry fruits from destructive birds.
  • Construct a small, simple green house in a few hours.
    No of Packs
Garden Clips - pack of 10               
$20 + postage ($8)           

Frost Cloth
    2 x 10 metres (60gsm) $23
    2 x 20 metres (60gsm) $42
    2 x 100 metres (30gsm) $155

more Info
A light-weight spun polyester crop cover
  • protects crops from frosts
  • protects crops from insects and birds
  • porous - no need to remove in order to water plants

Vege Net
    2.87 metres x 5 metres $20
    6 x 20 metres $110

A stronger vegetable cover that will last for many years.
It shelters plants and protects them from a lot of predator, wind and heat damage.

more Info


Kencove Farm Fencing produce by far the best electric netting fence on the market.
We are happy to offer it you at a very competitive price.

Poultrynet 1.2 x 50 meters (close mesh recommended for all poultry) $410
Masterfence 1.2 x 50 metres (open mesh for larger stock) $375
Garden/Pig/Rabbit/Puppy net 0.7 x 50 metres (lower height/close mesh) $350

more Info
An easily moved, flexible, multi-system electric netting fence.
It is used to fence the herd or flock, not the paddock.
Use it for:
  • Controlled grazing of sheep, goats, cattle or poultry on permanent or temporary pasture
  • Protecting sheep and goats from predators (foxes, dogs, feral pigs)
  • Subdividing and controlling pigs on pasture.
  • Protecting vegetables, flowers and young trees from wildlife and stock (kangaroos, wallabies, possums, rabbits, goats, cows, sheep, and other stock.).
Type             No  
Electric Netting Fence                 

Nets are now shipped with TollIPEC so you need to supply us
with a street address not a PO Box

"G - R" (Professional model) - $695.00

more Info
The Glaser wheel hoes are a product of German design and Swiss and Australian engineering
They are a cultivation and weeding system facilitating a high level of cultivation accuracy with great speed and ease of operation.
Best used on larger areas

Wheel Hoes come standard with a 225mm Oscillating Stirrup Hoe
Type             No  
Glaser Wheel Hoe


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